Interested in becoming a future staff member at Cyber Cat Habitat? You’ve come to the right page!

Although we are far from opening our doors, it’s never too early to begin spreading the word and getting people interested.



Regular and seasonal employees play an invaluable role in the organizational structure at Cyber Cat Habitat. They provide high-quality, hands-on guest service working at the front desk, monitoring facility use, and maintaining a safe, welcoming environment as well as taking care of the foster cats by keeping them fed, clean, safe, healthy, and entertained. Schedules and number of hours worked, per staff member, varies greatly depending on the season and the amenities they are supporting.

Every employee is expected to perform every duty necessary within the lounge. All staff members are responsible for the same goal of keeping our facility guests and cats happy, healthy, and safe. These duties include:

  • Serving our guests.
  • Handling and preparing drinks.
  • Promote the selling of our merchandise.
  • Clean all areas needed during your shift including coffee bar area, displays, floors, windows, cat boxes, restrooms, staff rooms, lounge area, and outside.
  • Providing humane care of the animals, including feeding, cleaning and maintaining the facility, and providing information regarding the health and welfare of animals to managers and supervisors.
  • Assisting with animal adoptions, intake services, return to owners, and other animal services.
  • Performing general office functions including customer service, records management, and computer entry; completes adoption records and release authorizations as needed.
  • Providing animal-related information to public; responds to questions regarding animal care.
  • Assisting in operating City animal shelter in accordance with all ordinances and established procedures; cleans and maintains safe and sanitary conditions in the animal shelter.
  • Performing basic animal care including examination, medical care and infection control.
  • Maintaining activity logs and records.



Volunteers will play a vital role in the success of Cyber Cat Habitat’s first few years. We will need all the help we can get in setting up our facility and helping maintain a healthy and happy balance between our cats and guests comfort and entertainment.

Our volunteers will have varying duties depending on what’s needed. We ask our volunteers assist with whatever duties listed above are needed at the time.

We appreciate all the help we can get!


How to Apply

Although we are not currently recruiting, feel free to fill out the registration form below to let us know you’re interested. We will hold onto your submission and you’ll be the first to know when openings become available!

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