Cyber Cat Habitat’s Feline Foster & Rescue (FFR) Program

Roughly 1.4 million shelter cats will be killed this year. Each year, there are 3.4 million cats entering shelters nationwide and of those, less than 5% are returned to their owners, only 37% are adopted, and 41% are euthanized. Rescue cats make up only 29% of household pets and 21% of cats relinquished to shelters are because they were not allowed in the residence.1

Ultimately, it is a cat’s personality that determines if the cat is the right fit for you. By observing cats through shelter cage bars people are only able to see their colors and patterns. A 2012 study proves cat color influences adoption rates. For example, dark cats are more likely to be euthanized due to negative superstitions, tortoiseshell cats are frequently typecast as having too much attitude, and white cats were labeled as shy and lazy. This color typecasting commits many common patterned cats to a lifetime of depression, cramped cages, and even euthanasia.2


Cyber Cat Habitat hopes to help the estimated 61% of unwanted shelter cats left alone each year. Even though we won’t be able to help them all, even changing the life of one cat will mean the world to that one cat.

Our facility will serve as a free-roam foster home for adoptable cats. Research shows people can be influenced on where they will get their new pet, so we will offer guests a variety of entertaining amenities within the facility. By offering a variety of entertaining amenities and services within one facility, we know we can help drive people to adopting our rescue and foster cats. Guests visiting our facility will fall in love with the cats surrounding them when they can see their personalities shine in a playful, loving, and social environment. Our facility will take the sorrow away from a sheltered environment and people will be able to bond with our cats on a whole new level that can’t be achieved by squeezing your hand through their shelter cage bars to try and sneak a little head rub. Likewise, those unable to own their own pet will be able to visit our facility to relax, relieve stress, and have a good time while bonding with our foster cats.

The majority of profits go towards our FFR Program.

Through our FFR Program, Cyber Cat Habitat partners with local shelters and rescue groups to assist in finding cats their new forever homes. We do our best to foster and adopt out as many cats as we can in order to prevent over-crowding in shelters and the “need” for euthanasia.

What We Provide Our Foster Cats



Fulfillment of Their Needs & Desires


Consistent & Regulated Human Interaction


A Loving, Social, & Cage-Free Atmosphere


Stimulating Environment Exercising Natural Instincts



What You Can Provide Our Foster Cats





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2 Anwar, Yasmin. “Don’t Be so Fast to Judge a Cat by Its Color, Study Warns.” UC Berkely News Center. UC Berkely, 23 Oct. 2012. Web.