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Cat Cafes are a fairly new concept to the United States, therefore we are certain there will be many questions. We will do our best to keep this page updated with the most frequently sought after answers, but feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments you’d like to share!

How Many Cats Will There Be?

The number of cats we foster at once is dependent on how much space we have available in the facility. For now, we’re unsure of our location, but we’re hoping for a space large enough to hold at least 20 cats. The more we can foster the more we can save. However, we want to ensure a balance between the cats and avoid over crowding, so the numbers could always fluctuate depending on the current group.

Where Will Your Cats Come From?

Most of our cats will come from local shelters in the area. Our cats will be carefully selected based on their personalities to ensure they’re compatible with other cats in a highly social environment.

We will also assist in rescuing stray cats and those that must be given up by their owners and will house them in our facility if  possible.

If cats are compatible, we will consider boarding cats who’s owners need a temporary home for them due to homing, financial, vacations, or other reasons.

When Are You Opening?

We are currently still in the planning and research stage, but we’re close to moving onto promoting and have begun contacting the state and county departments for information. Right now there’s no time frame for opening our doors, but we are pushing for mid 2015.

Is This Environment Stressful for Cats?

As mentioned, our cats will all be carefully selected based on their personalities and willingness to interact with both other cats and humans. All cats must go through an introductory period, but once they’ve familiarized themselves with the environment we are certain they will enjoy our facility more than any shelter they would be caged in.

We will try our best to ensure a mature, calm environment while also providing entertainment for our guests. Our cats will never be forced to engage in anything they do not want to. We will enforce strict rules on our guests regarding interactions with the cats and we expect full compliance.

Our guests must keep in mind, cats are nocturnal creatures. This means they are most active at night. It’s likely the majority of our cats will be napping during the day, so our atmosphere will be quieter and calmer than it will be at night when they’re ready for adventure and play.

Is This Healthy?

We will follow strict regulations for ensuring the healthiest possible facility for both our cats and human guests. Our cats will be fully evaluated by our vet and current on all medical treatments. Our facility will be under strict cleanliness standards that both our guests and employees will be expected to follow. For the safety of our cats, we reserve the right to refuse access to any guest not up to certain cleanliness standards.

I Really Have to Pay $5 to enter?

The cost to care for our cats and keep a hybrid facility such as ours open is quite high. Not only does this $5 welfare fee help ensure our cats are taken care of, but it ensures we are attracting the “right” kind of guests. Cats can be easily stressed by too much commotion, and an over-filled facility can lead to complications. We want to promote a mature yet entertaining environment and by implementing a welfare fee we hope to deter the younger, rowdier group of kids from coming in and disturbing our cats or taking up valuable space from guests who may actually wish to adopt. Children under 10 will be free and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Group and family rates will be implemented prior to opening. Keep an eye out on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter for future updates!

What if I’m Allergic to Cats?

Having a cup of coffee while playing with kitties may sound like an awesome idea, but it may not be so smart for those allergic to cats.

All of our cats will have free-roam of the lounge areas and will be walking among the visitors. So if you already know you have allergies please use caution and know your limits. We will do our best to ensure a clean environment, but our staff is not trained nor certified for first aid in case of an emergency.

Please consult with your doctor first if you are unsure if you or your child may have allergies to cats.

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