Feline Foster & Rescue Program

Our main purpose to to provide a healthy, social, and loving home for cats in need. Our free-roam foster cats are all available for adoption and hope you'll decide to make them the newest member of your family!

Free-Roaming Cats...

The Lounge & Coffee Bar

Whether you're looking for relaxation, study time, live sports, or a round of video games, we offer a variety of options to keep you entertained. Come grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your time while interacting with our foster cats!

Cats & Video Games...


Ready to come see us? Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed space in our lounge area. Book your visit in advance to ensure minimal wait time for your play time with our cats!

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Introducing Your Cat Cafe & Entertainment Lounge

*Keep in mind, this is currently based on concept*

Welcome to the ONLY facility where you can sip on refreshing beverages, play a variety of video games, watch your favorite sports on TV, relax in a highly technological jungle-themed lounge, and play with adoptable kitties!

Our vision is for Cyber Cat Habitat to provide a new type of hybrid industry to Colorado Springs. Cyber Cat Habitat will act as a foster home for cats in need. The majority of our profits will go towards our Feline Rescue & Foster Program to help ensure the cats in our facility are healthy, happy, and ready to find their new forever home.

Our cats will have free-roam throughout most of the facility, and to make it more entertaining for our guests, we offer a coffee bar with media entertainment in the form of live sports, movies, and video games. These assets will connect people to cats and provide opportunity for stress relief and entertainment not found elsewhere. Colorado Springs residents will treasure and care for this facility and help provide for future generations of people and animals.

Help Us Make This A Reality!

The cost to start-up a feline foster facility with a coffee bar and entertainment lounge is quite expensive. Due to laws, we require two separate facilities to ensure the separation of our cats and coffee bar. We are scraping together every dollar we can to make this concept a reality, and your generosity can help us get that much closer. Please consider visiting our online Contribution Store to purchase a gift for our cats or contribute any amount you desire below. Seriously, every bit helps. Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming crowd funding campaign! Thank you!

Our Financial Progress

Please note that Cyber Cat Habitat, LLC is a for-profit company and therefore all contributions and monetary gifts are considered business income and are not tax deductible.